New YOM Video – YOM 11 Costa Rica 

Just uploaded a new video of our Costa Rica trip 2011. Check it out!!! 

The Word became flesh!


Upcoming Trips

To all our new friends from #UPCIGC15 We hope to see you soon on one of our trips!
  Youth On Missions – Medical Missions Trip – Israel Tour

Holy Land Tour!

We are going to Israel! March 29 – April 5. You will never be the same!!!!!  

Youth On Missions 2016 🇧🇷 Brazil, South America 

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The Dream Has Begun!

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YOM 2016 Brazil 🇧🇷

Working on YOM 2016 to go to Brazil. June 14-24. Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo & Manaus. Get ready! World Cup was played there in 2014. The Olympics will be there in 2016 and we will be there too!  

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YOM 15 Report from Great Britain:

Reports from YOUTH ON MISSIONS #YOM15Here are som of the reports from YOM….
In London, there has definitely been a shifting in the Spiritual atmosphere. Usually when you come in there is an intense heaviness or resistance entering the city. That heaviness is gone. Something definitely was broken. All those prayers made a difference! There is a liberty to pray and to minister to people on the street, I have had people walk up to me and ask for prayer in London since YOM (which is unheard of there,) and an incredible liberty in witnessing that was NOT there before YOM came.

Almost all of the churches in London, in the areas where the YOMers prayer walked and ministered, have seen a continual stream of Baptisms, Holy Ghost Infillings, and healing since the YOMers came. Bro Osi, in Stratford, says that it has been incredible in his church, as before they had to work with people for a long time before they would consider baptism, and now people are just coming in and saying, “I don’t know why, but I need to be baptised today in Jesus name!” and staying. Glory to God for that.
In Scotland, the young people the YOMers met during the prayer walk and evangelism were deeply impacted. To see so many Apostolic Young people who were sacrificing to be there, and love on them, and connect with them blew them away. One of them made the statement, “He told me something that changed my life, spiritually.” I saw them a few days ago and they were moved to tears just talking about it. The Missionaries, Bro and Sis John Beek, too, were greatly encouraged by the prayer support.
In Leeds, one of our only churches in one of the most populous counties in England, where the Pastors have faced many setbacks, they have already receives one new member as a direct result of the prayer walk. She will be getting baptised shortly,and is involved in a home Bible study. That is HUGE for this Home Missions church.  
Nottingham, another Home Missions church which has faced extreme opposition in that last year, had a man who was healed on the street. Like he was bent over and could’t stand up, and stood up straight by the power of God. Another lady the YOMers prayed with was baptised two weeks ago, after her first contact during YOM outreach.
In Birmingham, there was a Muslim man on the street, who came up at the end of our outreach and was visibly moved by what he saw. He received the Holy Ghost last week. BREAKTHROUGH. Two others received the Holy Ghost on the street. Sis Gadd, the Pastor’s wife, was all choked up when she told me that almost 20 years before there was a prophesy over their church, how God would begin to outpour His spirit on the streets, and it happened when the YOMers came., full of the Holy Ghost and fire. She just kept saying, “Oh I can hardly believe it! Isn’t God good??? I finally get to see! The fulfilment of prophesy! It’s just like they said!” The Birmingham church is still having new visitors come from that outreach, and new converts coming in.  
Thank you Florida District Youth On Missions for coming! You have no idea what a difference you have made in eternity. You have no idea how God used you to bring a breakthrough to the UK. Almost everyday I am receiving messages form Pastors, churches, and young people telling me to thank you for coming. Thank you for caring. Thank you for being sensitive to the spirit and showing the love of Christ to our young people. they loved you. And we in the UK love you. Come back anytime.

God bless you, praying for you!
Sis Allison Mitchell
Your Associate Missionary to the United Kingdom


Warning to all parents of #YOM2015.


Today concludes (for most of you) our YOM Kid Tracking service. #YOMTRACKINGSYSTEM

You will now need to know where they are at, wake them, make them eat, tell them when to go to bed, when to take a bath, brush their teeth, how to dress. Etc.


It’s been a pleasure to serve you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our services. Please consider us again in the future for 2 weeks in the summer to get them off your hands.


They’ve all been awesome!!!

Phil Locke, Mark & Esther Hattabaugh and the entire YOM Leadership Team