Tuesday, May 3 – United Day of Prayer and Fasting for #YOM16 Brazil!


To prepare you for this day – here are some focused prayers we want to pray together. As we get closer, we will have “DAILY PRAYER FOCUS” that we will share.


  • The missionaries there – Bro. & Sis. DeMerchant, Bro. & Sis. Anderson, Bro. & Sis. Cooper – Our other team members: Bro. Daniel Gomez and Bro. Daniel Borges
  • For all our team leaders on this trip
  • For God’s Wisdom and Guidance
  • Pray for all our plans / schedules to all come together and finalize well for the trip.
  • For all our team members (YOMers) to be ready to go – Spiritually and physically.
  • For all our services and ministry opportunities
  • For God’s word to be effective and God be Glorified through our team efforts
  • Protection and safety as we travel
  • For Open Doors to minister where we go!
  • For Apostolic Boldness on our team!

2 Thessalonians 3:1, 2 “Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you: And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith.”


Here are some things to think about to prepare you for our trip:

Top 11 Ways To “Ruin” Your Next YOM Trip:


Believe it or not, it’s possible to have a bad short‑term mission’s experience. Most times, this is not the fault of the situation or organization. Often, the root cause is the short‑termer’s own attitudes and expectations.


To maximize your short‑term experience, AVOID doing the things on this Top Ten checklist:


  1. Keep narrowly focused on “spiritual” activities. Since you want to win people to Christ, focus on only the loftiest of things. Avoid menial work like data entry, loading trucks, or working on buildings. Such things will distract you from your primary task.


  1. To tighten up your schedule, eliminate personal prayer and Bible study. You will be so rushed away that you probably won’t have time. Besides, can’t you get all the spiritual food you need from group devotions and from church services?


  1. Stay organized and on schedule. Set detailed goals before you go. Establish schedules and refuse to deviate from them. Do not accept delays, last‑minute changes, and impromptu visits and invitations. Those things will just keep you from getting things done for God.


  1. Help the missionaries by pointing out their mistakes. Bring them up to date on what you’ve heard are the latest trends in missions. Some missionaries are stubborn. So, you may need to enlist some support among the nationals for your views about how things should be run.


  1. Get involved romantically with someone. Being away from family and friends makes this the perfect time to get involved romantically. While it may distract you slightly from the work, you will be able to expose national Christians to America’s progressive dating customs.


  1. Don’t embarrass yourself by trying to pick up the local language. People are always saying that English is spoken all over the world. So, insist that those people use it with you.


  1. Immediately begin pointing out your team members’ faults. Time is short. It will be difficult for people to make the needed changes if you don’t help them right from the start. Focus your helpful criticisms on team leaders.


  1. As you go all out in warring against dangerous germs, don’t eat any of the local food. To be sure, you may miss some friendly opportunities with “the natives,” but you’ll keep those awful germs at bay!


  1. Keep your distance from team members who couldn’t raise their full support. They may try to mooch off you. Don’t give in. Sweating over finances builds faith!


  1. When you return home, scold your home church and friends for their lack of commitment, for their weak prayers, and for their inadequate giving to missions. This may be one of the few times you will have their deferential respect. Make the most of it.


  1. Make sure everyone wears top of the designer clothing, shoes, and accessories. We have an image to uphold of how fortunate we are as Americans. After all, God has blessed us, why should we have to hide it?  Make sure too, to have your hair fixed: rolled, ratted, curled, straightened, etc. The locals will be impressed and will likely fall out speaking in tongues the moment they see such a display of cosmetilogical proportions!


The emphasis is not just holiness standards, but also discretion on the choice of dress and presentation. Yes, be clean, be holy, be presentable, but their overall goal should be to reflect Christ to the souls He died to save. To reflect anything but humility and meekness, is to distract from the true purpose.


Even celebrities who visit foreign lands to do humanitarian work dress plain, wear no make-up, and try to just enhance the lives of those they’re there to help.


If you’ll do all of these Top 11 things (or even some of them), I can promise you a bad short‑term mission trip.

Less than 100 Days!!!

Brazil Here We Come!

We are excited about all the quality young people that are signed up to join us on this trip!  We are less than 100 days from blast off!

Be sure you have  your passport or that you have applied to get it in time for blast off.

Please be sure you are connected with us via various social media locations:

Twitter: @youthonmissions

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Facebook Page: Youth On Missions

Facebook Group for this trip: YOM 2016 Brazil

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Promo Video for YOM 16 Brazil

YOM 2016 Brazil Promo Video – Click HERE:

Also a recap of YOM 15 Great Britain – London – Edinburgh – Birmingham


YOM 16 BRAZIL… We have blast off!!!


Watch the promo video: YOM 16 here:  

Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Curitiba.

June 14-26, 2016

We launched this year’s YOM 16 Trip to Brazil at Holiday Youth Convention!  Enthusiasm and Expectation is HIGH!

This is your year to be involved in Missions!  If you have never been on a Youth On Missions trip,  you will be used like you have never imagined God would use you!

If  you have been, you know how God uses you there…

God has great things in store!!!



New Videos of YOM 2011 Costa Rica just posted!


New YOM Video – YOM 11 Costa Rica 

Just uploaded a new video of our Costa Rica trip 2011. Check it out!!! 

The Word became flesh!


Upcoming Trips

To all our new friends from #UPCIGC15 We hope to see you soon on one of our trips!
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Holy Land Tour!

We are going to Israel! March 29 – April 5. You will never be the same!!!!! Chosenleader@youthonmissions.com  

Youth On Missions 2016 🇧🇷 Brazil, South America 

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