Warning to all parents of #YOM2015.


Today concludes (for most of you) our YOM Kid Tracking service. #YOMTRACKINGSYSTEM

You will now need to know where they are at, wake them, make them eat, tell them when to go to bed, when to take a bath, brush their teeth, how to dress. Etc.


It’s been a pleasure to serve you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our services. Please consider us again in the future for 2 weeks in the summer to get them off your hands.


They’ve all been awesome!!!

Phil Locke, Mark & Esther Hattabaugh and the entire YOM Leadership Team

Report from Great Britain #YOM15

God Bless you sis. Hannah , i hope that your return to America will be okay. i’m writting you , just to tell you that your testimony impacted me like a young that I am ,and definitly you have been a blessing for my life.     For other hand, can you tell to bro, Neil Guinn that his testimony like a missionary ,opened my eyes, and encouraged me to carry on fighting for my dreams in Lord’s way .      

And for last but not less important , Can you tell to Bro… De la Garza( I don’t remember his name ,I just remind his surname because sounds like Spanish “De la Garza”) that , it’s amazing see how one young with just 7 months in the Lord’s way ,is falling in love for God. 

I know that he was so brave to renounce his dreams like a baseball player . He remembers to me, because I had materials dreams , but God had a Espiritual plans for me, sometimes this things hurt you ( too much ) but just God knows why he did it …. remember that all that God does is perfect or is gonna be perfect.
Many blessings 😘 and sorry for my english I’m learning yet !!!!

Welcome to Miami 🇺🇸 USA – #YOM15 #YOMers #YouthOnMissions #YO15UK #YOM15 🇬🇧 #YOMTrackingSystem Activated. Final Check in. #WhereInTheWorldIsMyYOMer ? Final Reporting. We are back in USA


Driving to the airport in London 🇬🇧 #YOM15


Final orientation and awards meeting #YOM15 Great Britain 🇬🇧


Final day street meeting #YOM15 Great Britain 🇬🇧


Service tonight in Rugby England. 🇬🇧 #YOM15 (Where Rugby started!) 


Sightseeing in Birmingham #YOM15 🇬🇧


Sightseeing in Birmingham England 🇬🇧

Street ministry in Birmingham England was so powerful. People received the Holy Ghost and were delivered! #YOM15